IMG_0066Hello and welcome to Diary Of A Fallen Farmgirl.

How did the blog start? I kept posting ridiculous stories on my Facebook page and my friends kept telling me to start a blog! Eventually I listened!
How did those ridiculous stories start? Well, I’m an Australian girl who married a New Zealand boy (most commonly referred to as Alpha Male, bah!). We ended up living in Australia for 16 years, in a town of about 160 000 people. Alpha Male was a farm boy, I was a town girl (and even though I had links to the land e.g. I grew up on lifestyle properties, knew how to throw a cowpat with the best of them, have fond memories of singing to the chickens as a child), I’ve never ever ever considered myself a farm girl. If you asked me to describe a country person I would say “someone with a diverse range of practical and animal husbandry skills, the ability to sanely and calmly walk into a paddock full of cows and not run screaming, someone like Alpha Male”. I don’t fill any of those categories.
So anyhow, after 16 years of listening to Alpha Male whinging about the constraints of city life, the lack of sheep poo under his fingernails, his yearning to return to his homeland, I finally caved (well actually it was a joint decision, we had well and truely outgrown our 1/4 acre block and both wanted a new challenge) and we put our house on the market. Hey presto, 3 weeks later it was sold! That was not meant to happen! I think I may have cried when the real estate agent gave us the news.
So we packed up our belongings, bundled up the children (Favourite Son, Middle Child and The Unruly One) and began our adventure in New Zealand. After a few months of searching we eventually found a wonderful little farm to call home – 90 acres of rolling hills (to me they look like vertical inclines, but Alpha Male assures me they are in fact rolling) in Oamaru, North Otago.

Not enough land to be a full working farm, but enough to satisfy Alpha Male’s yearnings for now, enough to keep us busy, enough to give us adventures!

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