Things That Start With B


I’m growing broad beans for the first time. They’re odd little sods. I’m not sure if I really enjoy eating them and I definitely don’t know how I should be cooking them, but they grow well in this area and I have a tendency to grow things that aren’t really that nice but suit the climate, therefore we have to learn to love it! So at the moment we are eating broad beans many different ways – steamed with other vegies, stir-fried with garlic and silver beet, thrown in with fried rice and casseroles. The part I enjoy the most about them is podding, very therapeutic.


I’ve been given a sack of beetroot from the in-laws. Some we will eat roasted, some will be made into chocolate beetroot muffins (delicious!) and yesterday I cooked up some jars of pickled beetroot.



And even though I’ve made pickled beetroot a few times, it always surprises me that I can do something so simple like this in my kitchen and it’s yummy and edible, better than the stuff bought in cans from the supermarket.

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