I’ve created a monster! A big black mooing monster. Alpha Male’s father has loaned us a couple of cows so we could mother-on some extra calves. One of the cows, lets call her Myrtle, already had a calf of her own and Alpha Male put another two calves on her, but I decided that she was looking a little on the skinny side so took it upon myself to give her a small feed of calf meal each day. Myrtle just loves her daily treat, when she sees me coming down to feed the chickens she rushes over to meet me at the gate. She became quiet very quickly, I mentioned to Alpha Male about milking her (him, not me!!).

So I don’t mind Myrtle and her friendliness, just as long as there is a fence separating the two of us. There has been the odd occasion when the gate’s been open and she’s galloped over to greet me. Once when this happened I spent 15 minutes cowering in the chicken coop while she alternated between devouring the chook food and squishing her nose against the wire mesh in an attempt to eat me (or lick me, I haven’t quite worked out which!).

This morning she was being playful Myrtle. After she finished eating she decided to roll the container over and over, until it went into the middle of the paddock. The laugh is on her though because I wasn’t about to brave her and the bull to go fetch it which could just mean that tomorrow morning Myrtle won’t be getting anything.

Today I spent about 4 hours spot spraying thistles and docks. Lots of walking and sore shoulders from carting the knapsack sprayer about but was totally worth it for the serenity. I mentioned to the children that I was going, vaguely waved my hand over the farm map in a large circular sweep and mumbled that I’d be about here-ish if they needed to find me.

Bliss. Nothing but the chirping of birds, the baaing of sheep, the snorting of cattle. And only occasionally would the muted screams of fighting children drift over the hills. They came looking for me once but I stood extremely still and pretended to be a tree.




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